SocialSnap Studios


We make people smile!

The attractive design, interactive technology and social media capabilities of SocialSnap make it a perfect fit for any corporate or personal event. No more unsightly “black boxes” or squeezing just a few people behind the curtains. Participants and viewers alike are engaged! And the social media and branding options of SocialSnap extend the event’s impact well before and beyond the date.

Find all the details at, see more in  the "Meet SocialSnap Studios" folder below, or give us a call any time at 1 (888) 240-4145!

Looking for photos from an event you attended?  Just click on the "Event Galleries" folder, and find your event gallery in date order.  You may download individual photos or the full gallery for FREE, and order cool products and prints with the "Prints and Gifts" link at the bottom of each page.